Samir Khanna

Samir Khanna

Local luxury housing specialist Samir Khanna believes that buying a home is not an investment that demands financial returns, but a unique opportunity to find the perfect place for people to grow their families, become part of a community, and create memories. This perspective allows Samir to connect with his clients on a personal level — and build lasting relationships that transcend a simple real estate transaction.

With a master’s degree in finance and a professional background in the technology business, Samir brings a wealth of knowledge to his clientele. He is not afraid to talk numbers or answer questions; in fact, Samir welcomes the chance to be completely transparent with his clients to ensure the best results possible.

As a part of Stowell & Associates at Surterre Properties®, Samir uses a combination of cutting-edge print and digital marketing techniques, 24/7 brokerage support, and a vast network of industry contacts to help his buyers, sellers, and investors reach their real estate goals.

When he isn’t working, Samir loves golfing, hiking, bird watching, reading, and spending time with his friends. He is also passionate about giving back to his community, which is why he runs both a little free library and a newsletter for his childhood neighborhood.

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